Six Sigma

Doing Business In A World Of Growing Risk

Six Sigma                                    CTIC: NOV COURSE SCHEDULE

Six Sigma refers to decreasing the number of defects to 3.4 defects (Percent Defective = 0.00034%) per million opportunities (99.9997% success rate).  Six Sigma tackles variations in processes, minimizes defects and waste, thus improving the bottom-line.

Some Examples:

  • One (1) Short or long landing at major airports every five years.
  • One (1) hour without electricity every 34 years.
  • One (1) warranty claim for every 980 new automobiles.
  • One (1) unsafe minute of drinking water every seven (7) months.

There is one fundamental equation which underlines Six Sigma:

Y = f(x) + E






= the desired results (the outcome)

X = the inputs

f = the function (process by which inputs are transformed to outputs)

E =presence of error/variation (this is actually the Greek letter Epsilon)


  • Thus, a particular set of inputs (X) are transformed, into an output (Y), by some function (f) or process.
  • Outcomes are the result of some function or process acting upon the inputs.




ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt Testing Schedule