Six Sigma – Defects – DMAIC

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Defect Levels & Yields



8 Stages of Breakthrough Strategy

Results of Six Sigma Success:
Cost Reduction, Market – share growth, Defect reductions, Culture, Productivity Improvements, Customer relations improvements, Product and services improvements, Cycles – time reductions

Management Support is KEY

Organizational Leadership


Senior ManagementSponsor Training

Master Black BeltMBB Training

ManagementExec Training

BB Candidate –  BB Training


GB – GB Training

Everyone6 Sigma Orientation


Processes – are definable portions of a system/subsystem that consist of number of components.

System/subsystem and processes exist for all human activities.


Process interactions must also be evaluated to ensure




Six Sigma Thought Leaders

Philip Crosby



Metrics and Goals

  • Profit
  • Cycle times
  • Marketplace response
  • Resources

Six Sigma–The 8 Stages of The Breakthrough Strategy at the Business Level

SIPOC Diagram

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